Subway Time app gives real-time train-arrival times on iPhone

Posted: 10:22 AM, Dec 28, 2012
Updated: 2012-12-28 18:20:38-05

It’s a dream come true for straphangers on the subway’s numbered lines.

The MTA announced Friday morning that commuters can now download an iPhone app, called MTA Subway Time, that has real-time subway-arrival times for the numbered lines, with the exception of the No. 7 train. The Times Square Shuttle is also covered by the program.

Real-time arrival times are already available on countdown clocks on station platforms along those lines, but the ability to know exactly when a train is coming before descending into the station has always been something of a New York City commuter fantasy.

Download the iPhone app HERE.

Subway Time

The app that could change the life of straphangers on the numbered lines was released Friday morning.

The system will next be extended to the L train within a year, and to the No. 7 train in a few years, according to reports. But the bulk of the MTA system on the lettered lines relies on much older signal technology. Upgrades could cost hundreds of millions of dollars and be years away.

But for most of the lettered lines, the future is here.

The app is now available only for iPhones, but third-party developers will be allowed to create similar apps for Android and Windows platforms, the Wall Street Journal reported. The agency is also determining how best to integrate the arrival times on its website,