Teenager attacks jogger in broad daylight along the East River

Posted at 7:57 PM, Dec 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 19:57:21-05

East River Park is in full view of so much…and so many people.

But police say that did not discourage a suspect from attacking a female jogger along the river path just north of the Delancey Street foot bridge, in broad daylight – at around 11:50 Thursday morning.

“I come through here every single night.  It’s completely safe. There’s tons of people. I come at night when it’s dark, and it seems safe to me. I’m surprised this happened in broad daylight,” said Mark DeAngelo.

The 41-year old victim told detectives the suspect – described as a teenager – ambushed her from behind, threw her to the ground, and tried to take off her pants.

But she screamed, and fought him off until he ran away on foot.

The woman was taken to an area hospital with minor bruising.

“I came here since I was a little kid, so it doesn’t seem like the kind of place where this would happen,” said Briana Alvarado.

The suspect was seen wearing a gray hoodie and green pants. He is still on the loose.