Mass transit, city agencies ready for storm

Posted at 10:57 PM, Dec 26, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 00:47:17-05

MTA Reviews Cleanup & Response To StormAny time there’s a hint of snow, New York City snaps into action. Wednesday evening’s storm dumped some flurries and cold rain around the city. The Sanitation Department loaded salt trucks. The city’s Emergency Operations Center was not opened.

Governor Cuomo did open the state’s operations center earlier in the afternoon. The MTA, a state authority, issued a reminder about it’s winter weather travel guide. You can read it here or look for it posted on train platforms:

There was a service change for the 3 train Wednesday evening in order to set up a “portal wall to prevent water from entering the system at 148th Street, where the 3 train usually terminates. Snow-fighting and de-icing equipment were on stand by. Three pump trains were staged at key points in the system.

The Port Authority announced that residents of Hoboken with 30-day Smartlink Cards will get 30 free days of PATH service. In a press release, the Port Authority says it is to show “appreciation after Superstorm Sandy shut down Hoboken station for 7 weeks.” The MTA offered 3 free days of service after Hurricane Sandy as the system came back on line. Some customers in areas that experienced greater outages asked the MTA for refunds but the MTA said it was not going to be able to offer those.

The MTA estimates storm repairs will cost $4.5 billion dollars.