A Christmas Miracle: Little girl is reunited with stolen puppy

Posted at 11:08 PM, Dec 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-26 16:12:49-05

Call it the Christmas Miracle of 2012. Marley, a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was snatched in broad daylight Broadway in Washington Heights by a real life Scrooge on Christmas eve. His seven-year-old owner, Mia, thought Marley was gone forever.

“I couldn’t sleep it was too hard,” said Mia

Kids are not supposed to struggle with sleep on Santa’s big night. They are supposed to be dreaming about what is going to be under the tree in a few hours. Mia just wanted her best friend back.

But Santa has his elves, and this story has two; Tina Cohen is one of them. While walking her two rescued dogs in front of the Gandhi Gardens in Union Square she saw Marley. Cohen knew right away something was up.

“He was shivering, he was all alone, I felt terrible,” Cohen said

A man, not the Scrooge in the video, but an alleged accomplice was trying to unload Marley.

“He said he had the dogs for years, but needed the money and I handed him $220 and he gave me the dog,” said Cohen

She deduced that Marley was stolen, and that the vendor had issues.

“And the guy was stoned,” said Cohen.  “Absolutely stoned.”

As for Scrooge, he was inside Staples, trying to get materials for a for sale sign. Tina quickly paid $220 for Marley and took him straight to elf #2, Dr. Jay Kuhlman a veterinarian on 19th Street.

Dr. Kuhlman pinpointed the owner via a microchip. He had no idea of Marley’s disappearance. Once he put all the pieces together he could not believe it.  Tuesday afternoon he nearly broke down when he talked about the significance of this reunion.

A few minutes later, Mia and her mother Angie arrived and Marley was back in the arms of loved ones.

Angie was floored by this modern day Christmas miracle.

“I’m so happy my daughter has her Christmas wish,” Angie said.

Mia got her best friend back, the best Christmas present ever.

As for the real life Scrooge, Mia had a few words for him.

“The person that took my dog, I want to say that they’re going to get coal in their stocking,” Mia said.

Brandon Bacon,29, was charged with grand larceny.