A Scrooge steals girl’s dog, Marley, on Christmas Eve from outside Manhattan store

Posted at 11:04 PM, Dec 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-25 01:36:34-05

Mia, a 7-year-old girl lost her best friend, a family dog named Marley.

He was tied up outside this Monday morning by her mother’s boyfriend for a quick trip inside La Rosa Fine Foods to shop for all the trimmings for Christmas Eve dinner.

Completely unaware that someone on W176th and Broadway was taking off with the family do, Mia later said, “It makes me really sad. I feel like I won’t trim my tree because my dog isn’t here. It’s only his second Christmas. He’s cute. He is actually really hyper. He protects us. He’s my only dog.”

Lost dog

The search is on for a girl’s dog, snatched on Christmas Eve.

Little Mia’s mother Angie also responded, “This is the worst thing ever to lose a family member because that’s exactly who he is. He’s a family member.”

Surveillance video outside of La Rosa caught a good look at the dog-napper. He’s wearing a red scarf, black coat a messenger bag and has on headphones.

He seemed to take a quick peek inside through the window before untying and removing Marley’s leash. Marley, it seems backs away from the stranger and even gives a little struggle before he’s carried off.