Brutal elevator attack robs Bronx community of its sense of security

Posted at 10:36 PM, Dec 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-21 22:36:23-05

The victim of a brutal elevator attack is battered, bruised, and scared. So are her neighbors, who say a cautious look over their shoulder, in this neighborhood, is part of their daily lives.

The female victim is recovering from a vicious beating that took place in front of her own home at the Morris Houses in the Bronx.

Her attacker, was captured on surveillance video, walking into her building’s lobby at around 9:25 Thursday morning.  The tall, slender young suspect, described by police as between 17 and 20-years-old, hung out for several minutes, apparently looking for his opportunity to strike.

He then followed his 57-year-old victim into the elevator, and pushed the button for the floor one below the one she had chosen.

Without saying a word the suspect exited the elevator, and then ran up one flight of stairs.

When the woman walked out onto her floor, the suspect was waiting and proceeded to attack her.

“He needs to get caught,” said building resident George Padilla. “That’s one thing I can say. And for the safety of our community, everybody has to be aware, and stick together.”

In the Bronx, residents are terrified.

“I’ve heard there are things here that happen, shootouts, and things like that. Down the other avenue – Webster, here and there,” said Carmen Padilla. “But I guess I’m lucky, I just count my blessing for today – it might be me tomorrow, who knows, hey?  Because there’s no telling when we’re going to come back home safe.”

The suspect in this attack, who is still on the loose, stole the woman’s jewelry, including her earrings and cash. He also struck a blow at this community’s sense of security which resident’s say was already fragile at best.