The noise is deafening: The horror of the rifle that Adam Lanza used

Posted at 10:54 PM, Dec 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-21 13:56:05-05

(New York)  Wally Zeins, a retired NYPD Sergeant who consults for PIX 11 on law enforcement matters, warned me to put my ear plugs in—so I did.  He then loaded a magazine of 30 bullets into a Bushmaster AR-15, the same type of rifle used by Adam Lanza to kill schoolchildren and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut, and pulled the trigger multiple times.

The Bushmaster lets out a boom, when a .223 caliber bullet is fired, so imagine how it sounded in the confines of Sandy Hook school—its deadly firepower being unloaded in hallways and two classrooms.
Some young victims were shot up to 11 times.

Zeins explained to PIX what makes the rifle so popular.

“It’s light, it’s plastic, and it’s an intimidating weapon when you look at it,” Zeins said.

Wally Zeins

This kind of rifle was used in the Newtown massacre.

20 year old Adam Lanza, an emotionally disturbed Newtown resident, slaughtered 20 first-graders with the Bushmaster last Friday, also killing the school principal, psychologist, and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which has been shuttered since the massacre.

Before the massacre, Lanza used the rifle to execute his mother, Nancy, as she lay in bed Friday morning.  It was Nanzy Lanza who had legally purchased the rifle and other weapons, even training her troubled son to shoot.

Dean Price, director of Wooster Mountain Range in Danbury, Connecticut, told PIX 11 “The gun- owning community is outraged at her, because she betrayed all of us, as a fellow gun owner.  Connecticut law dictates if you own firearms, you are required to keep them locked up and secured,” Price told PIX.

Dean Price said the national conversation about guns should include how mentally ill people are being dealt with in society.  He also pointed to reports that Adam Lanza had spent days in his basement, by himself, playing violent video games.