NYPD cop was ‘central figure’ behind LI drug ring: officials

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-20 18:21:10-05

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Prosecutors say an NYPD cop out on disability living in an upscale pad valued at more than half a million dollars, according to sale records, is one of the central figures in a six man drug operation that peddled oxycodone and cocaine in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and banks in and around the town of Brookhaven along the North Shore.

“This has been a long time in coming but it sends a very clear message,” Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine told PIX11 Thursday.

The busted NYPD cop has been identified as Thomas Gironda. The 44-year-old is out on disability according to prosecutors but he still operates a construction business, New Look Concrete housed out of an office inside of a subdued business park.

The alleged pusher wasn’t there — but PIX11 reporter Mario Diaz did get an off camera tour of Gironda’s office. The Jets fan had children’s drawings overlooking his desk and a Harley parked in the garage a few feet away.

It was here during the execution of a search warrant that they discovered cash and a Suffolk County  K-9 made an immediate hit.

nypd cop

Thomas Gironda

“When they opened the lock box, there was cocaine, there were pills, oxycodone, a significant amount,” Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota said.

According to officials, Gironda and his cronies had been under surveillance for a year. Although investigators believe he was a central figure of the ring, they fell short of describing him as the group’s ringleader. That dubious honor sits on the shoulders of Thomas Forkin. On any given day he could be found at this yard behind me as a member of the highway department.

“The grand jury of Suffolk County has indicted him as a major narcotics trafficker,” Spota said. “This is a class felony subject to imprisonment for the rest of his natural life.”

Forkin’s house does not stand out in opulence but it does have an ocular distinction.  Security cameras examining whose coming and going but they failed to catch those listening in.

“The investigation and the wiretaps disclosed that Forkin and his ring had operated this particular oxycodone ring probably for a number of years,” Spota said.

As a public employee Forkin expressed concern about the town’s random drug test however, the 30-year-old and his colleagues were tipped off when they were going to be administered.

“It has become pretty clear to us that there was no random drug testing in the highway department, employees new in advance that they were going to be tested,” Spota said.