Who were Newtown’s youngest victims?

Posted at 6:41 PM, Dec 17, 2012
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They’re the angels lost far too soon in a tragedy that has left not only the nation, but the world in mourning.

6-year-old Avielle Richman and her family had recently moved to Newtown from San Diego. Her parents maintained a blog where they documented prominent moments in her life. One of the last updates included photos from the Stamford Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Ana Marquez-Greene just moved to the quiet town of Newtown a year ago from her native Puerto Rico. The precious 6-year-old loved to sing and had a smile relatives said could brighten up a room.

Music surrounded 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, having grown up in a home with a mother and father who were both performers. The child’s parents left careers in New York and opted to raise Benjamin and his older brother Nate in a quiet place outside the bustling city.

Caroline Previdi was a 6-year-old who loved to draw and dance. Sandy Hook was the only home she knew. Her smile, her family said, brought happiness to everyone she touched.

Catherine Hubbard not only loved school, but will be remembered for her constant smile and compassion for animals, so much so that her parents chose the Newtown Animal Center for those who wanted to make a donation in her name.

It was no secret that Charlotte Bacon’s favorite color was pink or that she was destined to be something great. The 6-year-old’s uncle told Newsday that Charlotte was going to go somewhere in this world. “This little girl,” he said. “could light up a room.”

If he wasn’t outside playing in the backyard, Chase Kowalski was probably riding his bicycle. Neighbors describe the 6-year-old as an incredible athlete who recently completed a mini-triathlon.

Daniel Barden’s family say he was “fearless in the pursuit of happiness in life.”  The youngest of three children, Daniel always smiled and was so thoughtful towards others, provoking insightful conversation whether it was with classmates or his parents.

6-year-old Dylan Hockley had just moved to the United States from Britain and had already made many friends, but his best bud was his 8-year-old brother Jake who he did everything with.

If there was one thing that Jack Pinto was, it was a huge New York Giants fan who idolized wide receiver Victor Cruz. The 6-year-old was honored by his hero, when Cruz wrote the name “Jack Pinto” on his cleats and gloves in this weekend’s face-off with the Falcons.

Emilie Parker was always quick to cheer up those in need of a smile. Her father described her as someone who would draw a picture or make a card to make anyone’s day a little bit better.

She was considered to be her family’s “love and light” …  Grace McDonnell’s blue eyes and big smile was the center of their lives and it will be remembered as a true blessing .

James Mattioli loved recess and math, and was described as a “numbers guy” by his family. The 6-year-old was known to come up with insights beyond his years to explain the relationship between numbers.

He was friendly and always liked to talk … That’s how friends described 6-year-old Jesse Lewis. Whether cracking a joke or making a funny face, Jesse had a knack for making just about anyone smile.

6-year-old Jessica Rekos was a pint-sized cowgirl. Her parents say she loved horses, whether she was watching them on television or drawing them, she wanted nothing more but to own one of her own.

Josephine Gay had just celebrated her 7th birthday on Tuesday. Described as being incredibly “friendly,” her favorite color was purple.

Noah Pozner was smart as a whip, according to relatives. The 6-year-old and his twin sister Arielle were inseparable and would do everything together.

Olivia Engel was known to light up not only a room, but the people around her. Between drawing, dancing, and sports .. the 6-year-old girl scout had countless interests.

Among the adults being mourned include:

Dawn Hochsprung was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary, and devoted her life to helping her students, even in her final moments. The educator who staffers described as a 5 foot 2 inch raging bull, lunged at the gunman during his spineless assault on the school. She will be remembered not only as a fighter but a hero.

Another hero that emerged from Sandy Hook was Anne Marie Murphy, a special ed teacher who put the lives of her students ahead of her own. Anne Marie shielded the bodies of students as the gunman unleashed a  barrage of bullets.

Rachel D’Avino had just started working at Sandy Hook Elementary and had her entire life to look forward to. Rachel, whose boyfriend was set to propose to her on Christmas Eve, was gun downed while courageously shielding students from gunfire.

Vicki Soto will also be remembered as a hero who gave her life to save her students. Vicki came face to face with the gunman and stood in the way of gunfire, shielding her 1st grade class which allowed them to escape without harm.

It was just this fall when 30-year-old Lauren Rousseau landed a permanent substitute teaching job at Sandy Hook Elementary. Her father described her as being a kid in many ways… and its why she liked working with them.

When shots rang out inside Sandy Hook Elementary, Mary Sherlach threw herself in danger. Sherlach along with the school’s principal attempted to ambush the gunman but both lost their lives in doing so. The dedicated educator’s self-less act has many hailing her a hero.

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