Mocker: This is the official MTA fare proposal

Posted at 10:53 PM, Dec 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-17 22:53:47-05

After months of speculation, input from the public, and a series of hearings, the MTA’s latest round of fare and toll increases is scheduled to be voted on.

The base fare for a bus or subway ride would increase a quarter to $2.50. The purchase of a single swipe goes up to $2.75. There will be a 5% bonus for every $5 put on to a metrocard.

Increases are included for Express Bus rides. A weekly Express Bus pass increases $5 to $55. The price for unlimited metrocards increases, as well. A montly pass would cost $112, an $8 increase, and a weekly pass increases a dollar to $30.

Bridge tolls increase between 20 and 50 cents in most cases. The plan includes a resident discount for Staten Islanders using EZ Passes to cross the Verrazano Bridge. After three trips, the price would be $6. Currently, residents pay $5.76. The cash toll will be $15. EZ Pass drivers will pay $10.66

Railroad riders will pay about 8.5% more for their passes. Cash sales and single rides are going up more.

Info on the proposals can be found here

MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota says the final proposal “addresses public comment while seeking to achieve the Financial Plan’s goals.”

The last fare increase, accompanied by service cuts, was in 2010. The Board will vote on Wednesday. There will be discussion and amendments or changes could be proposed. The increases take effect in the beginning of March.