Brooklyn 9-year-old honors Sandy Hook victims with ‘Stop Da Violence’ rap

Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-17 23:18:54-05

FLATBUSH, BROOKLYN – “Put the guns down, this is not a game.  Put the guns down, people dying in vain.”

Those are the lyrics, a Brooklyn 9-year-old wrote for his latest song, “Stop Da Violence.”  Amor “Lilman” Arteaga  worked on the song for the past year.  He says he released the YouTube music video for “Stop Da Violence” on Sunday, in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“Smaller kids than me, for real, kindergartners, were killed.  I heard it was 20 children and 7 teachers and he didn’t care at all. He just walked right out with no sense in his mind,” said Arteaga, adding, “The family members that now have to spend their Christmas in a funeral.  It’s a tragedy what happened that day.”

The song also takes on other big issues like domestic violence and bullying.

Click here to watch music video.

“Bullying is mostly going on in the schools now… and domestic violence is going on in our homes and that’s why some kids become bullies as well,” said Arteaga.

Father Juan is proud of his son, taking on tough topics at such a young age.  “We need this message and it needs to resonate with the children because even if adults are committing crimes, it all starts when they are younger.  If he could get to them now and make a change in their lives, it could probably change the way our society is.”

Amor agreed, saying, “I hope that with this song everybody will like it and bop to it, but at the same time, actually listen to the message and want to follow it too.”

The chorus rings out, “People, people, we’ve got to change our ways, there’s too much, too much violence in our world today.”

Of course, Amor’s namesake is Spanish for love which adds even more to his message – a message he wants President Obama to hear.

In fact, he is hoping for an invite to the White House, so together with Obama, they can stop gun violence.