Staten Island Sandy relief fund charity donates truck to family

Posted: 10:34 PM, Dec 11, 2012
Updated: 2012-12-11 23:12:54-05

“It was like Christmas,” said Dana McKeon after her husband Ed accepted the keys

TOTTENVILLE, STATEN ISLAND – When Ed McKeon revved the engine of the used truck in his driveway, it was a sweet sound to hear.

The electrician lost his truck when Superstorm Sandy’s surge swept through the streets of his Tottenville home.

“I parked it way up the block and it still got hit by water anyway,” said McKeon.

“My husband losing his truck was a really big thing for us,” said Ed’s wife Dana.

So, when Staten Island’s Sandy Relief Fund donated this pickup truck to them, “It was like Christmas,” said Dana with a smile.

The truck is truly a gift for these Sandy victims who continue to pick up the pieces of their life.  The storm hit their home hard.  They are just now laying down the new flooring in their home.

“To like walk in the backyard and see all your stuff there,” said Dana who still gets choked up reliving that first day after the storm, adding, “It’s just very hard. Everyone gets on with their life, but the destruction is still so massive. There’s never enough money to repair the things that have to be done.”

That is exactly why Ian Neckin and his friends started the Staten Island Sandy Relief Fund.  Their charity sponsors a small group of specific families, so they can concentrate on their every need.

“We haven’t even touched the surface of helping these people out. Yes, we gave out a car today and yes that’s great but they are going to need a lot more than a car to get back to their lives,” said Ian Neckin.

“It still feels like you’re dead, it’s deadening.  So, when somebody helps like Ian and the Sandy Relief Fund, it gives you hope. It really, really gives you hope,” said Dana.

The Staten Island Sandy Relief Fund is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

The founding board members say they will continue to need sponsors and money donations as long as there are families in need.

If you want to help, click on this link.