Gun used by Midtown assassin connected to Queens shooting

Posted at 9:56 PM, Dec 11, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-11 22:06:40-05

shooting 2MIDTOWN (PIX11) — The silver semiautomatic handgun that fired a fatal bullet into the head of Brandon Lincoln Woodard Monday afternoon has been connected to another shooting, according to police.

A shell casing from a non-fatal shooting in the 113 precinct in Queens in 2009 matched the one found at Monday’s scene.  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly would not comment on the connection, saying only “We’re still trying to sort that out.”

According to the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Paul Browne, on Nov. 22, 2009 the same gun was used when two men fired 12 shots into a southeast Queens home.  There were no injuries or arrests.

In Monday’s shooting, the way that the killer waited for several minutes — even getting in and out of the car once — the shooting did resemble a planned hit, Kelly said, but could not say for sure.

MTN Homicide 12-10-2012 photo

The suspect in a shocking Midtown murder in broad daylight is captured by surveillance cameras

When Woodard finally arrives he appears to be looking at his iPhone “perhaps checking an address,” said the police commissioner.

“The victim passes the shooter with no indication that there’s any recognition, he comes back, has what appears to be a glimpse of the shooter, with no indication of recognition, and then he shot him in the head,” Kelly said.

When asked about his getaway car, Kelly said, “The car that the shooter was in was identified as a Lincoln MKX.  We have identified a car similar in description going through the Midtown Tunnel at about 2:15 yesterday afternoon,” Kelly said.  Police are still trying to confirm that the license plates match.

Woodard, who had a criminal record in California that included 20 arrests — none that resulted in substantial jail time — arrived Sunday night and booked a hotel room at the 6 Columbus Hotel at 308 West 58th Street around 5 p.m.

Woodard, who is enrolled in law school on the West Coast, did not have a return ticket to Los Angeles.


Brandon Lincoln Woodard was visiting NYC from Los Angeles when he was shot. He had recently enrolled in law school, according to his family