DSK, hotel housekeeper settle civil suit over alleged sex attack

Posted at 3:26 PM, Dec 10, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-10 18:50:28-05

New York (PIX11) – A large settlement check is reportedly going to the former hotel maid who claimed that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, one of the world’s most powerful men, sexually assaulted her.  There is speculation that the settlement amount that former maid Nafissatou Diallo will receive in the case is in the millions, but a precise figure and terms of the settlement are elusive.

Diallo, 33, arrived at Bronx Supreme Court with dozens of cameras from news outlets worldwide following her every step.  Officially, she entered the courthouse an unemployed hotel maid.  About an hour after her arrival, the judge in her civil case against former International Monetary Fund director Strauss-Kahn, 64, announced that the West African immigrant’s economic status had officially changed.

“About 10 minutes ago,” Judge Douglas McKeon said from the bench, “the parties reached a settlement.”  He followed up his formal announcement with a statement the courtroom had been waiting for, but nobody among the four dozen journalists in the gallery wanted to hear.

“The terms of the settlement will be kept confidential,” Judge McKeon said.

Lawyers for DSK, as he, and European media, refer to him, have denied a French media outlet’s claims that the settlement is for $6 million.  Diallo had sued over physical, emotional and psychological harm she’d claimed she had suffered from the May 2011 encounter between her and DSK.

She’d claimed he was naked in his hotel room at the Times Square Sofitel hotel that she had come to clean.  He blocked her from exiting, groped her and then tried to rape her and force her to perform oral sex on him.

His subsequent arrest by New York sex crime investigators led to the Frenchman losing his IMF directorship, and forced him to withdraw as the leading candidate for the French presidency.

However, conflicting statements from Miz Diallo to investigators in the days and weeks after DSK’s arrest — including a fabricated claim that she’d been gang raped by soldiers in her native West African nation of Guinea — led prosecutors to drop the criminal case against DSK.


Times Square Sofitel hotel, the scene of the alleged crime.

That didn’t stop Diallo from filing a civil case against her accused abuser.  The result of that case was Monday’s settlement.

“I thank everyone who supported me all over the world,” Diallo said outside of court, following the settlement hearing, which had been held in Judge McKeon’s chambers. “I want to thank everybody, thank God.  God bless you all,”she said, before being whisked off into a waiting livery car by her attorneys, who refused to respond to PIX11’s repeated questions requesting comment about the amount of the settlement.

Diallo’s attorney, Kenneth Thompson, said absolutely nothing about the settlement, in keeping with the judge’s order.  “With this resolution now behind her,” Thompson said, “she can now move on with her life.”

DSK was not present at the hearing.  He was spotted on the street in Paris on Monday, having just returned from a trip to Venice, Italy with his new girlfriend, Moroccan French journalist Myriam Aouffir.  DSK’s wife at the time of his encounter with Diallo, French television journalist Anne Sinclair, has separated from him.

DSK’s legal troubles are by no means over with Monday’s settlement.  He is currently charged in France with aggravated pimping for his involvement in a call girl ring in his native country.  A judge there will decide next week whether or not to pursue the case.  Strauss-Kahn claims that he did not know that the young women in the ring were engaged in a sex-for-money scheme.