You’re in cheap hands? Sandy victim slams Allstate over paltry payout

Posted at 10:44 PM, Dec 10, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-11 10:32:13-05

TOTTENVILLE, STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) -“I can understand mother nature taking my home, living where I am, but I can’t accept that Corporate America has stolen 28 years of hard work from me, just like that,” said Joe Cardinale who nearly lost his waterfront home in Tottenville after Superstorm Sandy slammed into Staten Island.

Frustration fueled the birth of this banner, now draped across Cardinale’s Loretto Street home.  He claims the corporation that stole his hard-earned money is Allstate, his homeowners insurance company for nearly thirty years.


Allstate inadvertently mocks Sandy victims with banner showing small payout

It is because of that longstanding relationship, that the Joe and his wife Maria  assumed the insurance giant would take care of them, after Sandy nearly swept it out to sea.

“It was just never a thought.  We felt we would be covered!”

First, they say they waited 26 days before a homeowners insurance agent from Allstate showed up to evaluate their homeowners damage.  Cardinale say while water damage is supposed to be covered by flood insurance, wind damage is supposed to be covered by homeowners insurance.  Then, the inspection resulted in a single sheet of paper.

“They told me I have $1165.35 in wind damage. I have $1,000 deductible and my total claim is $165.35,” said Cardinale.  Maria added, “We were not saying it is just water or just wind.  We know it is a combination. There are some things the homeowners should be able to help us to rebuild.”

“$165.35 is an insult.  If I’m insured for $750,000 plus, how is that number possible?” Joe said.

The Cardinales’ act of calling out the corporation has turned into a Facebook sensation.  Their daughter posted this picture last week, and as of Monday,  More than 85,000 people have shared it.

As for Allstates’ company catchphrase, the Cardinales are less than impressed.

“It is not true,” said Cardinale shaking his head, adding, “Are we in good hands?  Ha, I think they need to change that.”

Allstate sent us a statement, saying, the banner does not accurately  reflect the amount the Cardinales received. The Cardinales admit they did get about $6,000 for sewer repairs and transitional housing.

The Cardinales hope Allstate reconsiders their claim and pays them the premium payout which is $250,000.

Allstate says it is still working with on their claim.