Cory Booker: “I am absolutely considering running for governor!

Posted at 10:32 PM, Dec 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-10 12:38:42-05

Is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just too popular right now for Cory Booker to try to beat him?
Would the Newark mayor do better to wait for Sen. Frank Lautenberg to retire?  Those are the burning questions on Cory Booker’s mind.

“I am absolutely considering running for governor, as well as giving other options some consideration,” Booker said on   “Face The Nation.” The 43-year-old African-American said he is also considering a run for Senate.

Christie, who took office three years ago, has been riding high, praised for his handling of Superstorn Sandy. The latest Monmouth University poll gives Christie a whopping 67 percent approval rating and a Quinnipiac poll out last month would give the incumbent 53 percent of the vote to 35 percent for Cory Booker.

But the democrats claim Christie’s beatable, particularly since he opposed the so-called millionaire’s tax and same-sex marriage.

So that’s why the Newark mayor may be forced to make a decision and soon: “There are a lot of very good candidates for governor in New Jersey on the Democratic side and I have to give my party and be a part of my party’s push forward whether me as a candidate or supporting other candidates for that office,” Booker said.

The two-term Booker’s had such a high profile, with some cynics saying it’s all for higher office, whether it’s shoveling residents’ snow during a storm or inviting Sandy victims without electricity into his home.

And with more than a million twitter followers, Booker’s taken up the twitter challenge of trying to live on less than $30 worth of food for one week. That’s the same amount, the average on which a food stamp recipient lives.

The mayor’s found it quite difficult. “Even going to Starbucks and buying a cup of coffee is more than my daily food allows right now,” Booker said.

Edited By Michelle Robinson