Say it isn’t PSY. The rapper hates America?!

Posted at 1:13 AM, Dec 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-08 11:21:31-05

Say it isn’t PSY.

Remember when America made this guy and his little pony dance rich?  Well, way before Gangnam Style, PSY apparently used to hate America.

In a newly released audio recording from 2004, the Korean rapper spits some pretty nasty lyrics about slowly killing American soldiers — including quote “kill those @#$% yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.”

PSY, who recently earned the honor of most watched YouTube video of all time, issued an apology late this afternoon.  In part, he said the song was an emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the anti-war sentiment shared by others around the world.

He also apologized to servicemen and women for the pain his words caused.