No retirement yet, as the Stones roll into New York

Posted at 1:35 AM, Dec 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-09 13:50:31-05

They are either pushing 70, or are past it, and have been playing for half a century.

While critics say they have not had a solid classic album since 1981’s “Tatoo You,” The Rolling Stones are still packing them in at soaring ticket prices. Saturday night they take over the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  David Webster was getting ready to shell out $450 to see the iconic band.

“I saw them once about 20 years ago,” said Webster. “ [They were] fabulous and I don’t doubt that they still are.”

While the Stones have many loyal fans, some critics “don’t want to see a bunch of old men jumping up and down”  Someone could have a heart attack. So should Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie just fade away?  Or is time on their side?

“When The Stones toured in 1981 people were actually bringing up the same question, like ‘oh my god aren’t they getting too old’ like, ‘oh my god they’re pushing 40,’” said Justin Prager, director of talent relations for Music Choice.


The Rolling Stones are set to take over Brooklyn, despite critics

Prager says the Barclay’s crowd will be getting plenty of satisfaction, especially since their flamboyant front man still has it going on.

“They still put on a great show and I think that’s the main thing,” said Prager “If you’re going there expecting to see the band at their height in 1972 in the ‘ Exile on Main Street’  tour, you’re not going to get that. But you’re going to get those songs that were from that era.”

Ticket holders will be catching one of only five shows during the bands actual 50th year anniversary. The Stones will play the Prudential Center in Newark on Dec. 13 and 15.

“Now it’s the norm for all these bands from the 60’s, not just the 60’s, but the 50’s to still be touring.   If people are going to still come out to see them,  god bless them all,” said Prager