Controversial cruise for displaced Sandy victims

Posted at 9:25 PM, Dec 07, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-07 21:25:52-05

Hurricane Sandy victims have had a really tough couple of weeks, but a new idea could put some of them on a cruise. Not a vacation, but a controversial new idea that would put displaced residents on ships in Brooklyn.

One boat broker from Copenhagen wants Mayor Bloomberg and FEMA to approve a new idea that would convert two luxury ships into super floating hotels for victims.

“I think it’s a good idea, initially,” said one Brooklyn resident.


Red Hook, Brooklyn in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Both cruise ships could house 2,400 Hurricane Sandy victims. The cost would be $100 a person, and for $3000 a month a victim could have gourmet meals, accommodations, and maid service.

So far the proposal has reportedly received an icy response from the Mayor and borough president.

Jim McLaughlin from Weehawken says his family suffered so much after the storm, and many of his family member lost homes and are still staying in hotels.  McLaughlin thinks the idea is an interesting one.

“Why not? I would go get some sun,” said McLaughlin.  “It would make it a little bit better.”

There are no ships docked today in Red Hook.  It’s a controversial idea, but some say a potentially good one.


Each cruise ship could house 2,400 victims and provide them with gourmet food and amenities.

Perhaps the city fears the same criticism that was dished after New Orleans politicians spent $236 million to reserve 10,000 state rooms for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina on three Carnival Cruise ships.  The ships were left mostly empty, but those who did use them felt there was not enough security.

The ships could drop anchor in Brooklyn just in time for Christmas, and would be available to board in May.