Exclusive: ‘Manhattan Madam’ blasts accused ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ for tell-all book

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-06 18:43:35-05

Now that so-called Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina has said she’ll name names from her influential client list, an expert on the world’s oldest profession and fellow high-powered madam, Kristin Davis, reacts strongly to Gristina’s announcement.  The Manhattan Madam, in a one-on-one interview with PIX11 News, called Anna Gristina a hypocrite, and that was the most polite part of the discussion.

“My initial reaction was that I wanted to vomit in my mouth,”  said Davis about the statement from Gristina on Wednesday, in which the Soccer Mom Madam said she was writing a tell-all book about her escort service, and that she would name clients.


so-called Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina has said she’ll name names from her influential client list in a new book

Gristina on Thursday recorded an interview with talk show host Dr. Phil, where she elaborated on a claim she’d made earlier in the week that her list included at least one high-ranking executive with the National Football League and a retired but well known NFL player.

It was not the type of clients that are potentially on Gristina’s list that bothered Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis.  Instead, she said, it was the fact that Gristina would publish any names at all.

“We’re paid a lot of money to protect our clients,” Davis told PIX11 News.  “And that’s what we should be doing. …I definitely think she’s a hypocrite.”

More specifically, among the things upsetting Davis, who ran the multi-million dollar call-girl business that had former governor Eliot Spitzer as a client and ex-call girl Ashley Dupre as a sex provider, is that Gristina had in the past refused to admit that her business was a money-for-sex escort service.

“I was with her family on [The] Anderson Cooper [Show] and they all said ‘She’s just a matchmaker.’  And now after they did their rounds of press, and now she’s not just a matchmaker?” Davis asked.

Regarding Gristina’s self-proclaimed NFL clientele, the woman who had her own bombshell black book said, “I’m not surprised to hear that sports stars of any league are making calls.”


so-called Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina has said she’ll name names from her influential client list in a new book

When PIX11 sought reaction from the NFL, a security official asked PIX11 to leave the premises of the league’s headquarters at 345 Park Avenue.  Also, nobody with the league was available by comment online and nobody at NFL headquarters picked up the phone on any of its various listed numbers called by PIX11 News.

For her part, Davis said that what impresses her more than a star list of athletic clients is what she calls Anna Gristina’s audacity in kissing and telling in order to sell books.  “I’ve been offered a huge amount of money to name names,” Davis told PIX11 News, “and I just don’t think it’s right.  By Anna Gristina telling all, it hurts so many other people, like people like me who try to take the bad experience and make it into something good.”

Davis had to spend 4 months in jail on Rikers Island and forfeit a fortune estimated in the millions in relation to her control of the escort service of which Spitzer was a part.  After her release, Davis became a candidate for governor in 2010, and garnered more than 35,000 votes statewide.

She pointed out that it was not the only way she felt her notoriety helped her, but said that in whatever endeavor she has pursued since the 2008 Spitzer scandal, she’s always kept mum about her business associates.

“I wrote a book and I chose not to name names because the stories in themselves are interesting enough.  I don’t need to ruin lives in order to sell a book.”

Davis’s book The Manhattan Madam’s Secrets to Great Sex was published four months ago, and features anecdotes about relations between men and women, told by Davis and a few of the women who have worked for her in the past.