‘Walking Dead’ dispute provokes man to shoot girlfriend

Posted at 7:22 AM, Dec 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-05 07:22:25-05

Life imitating art?  Perhaps.  It was passionate beliefs that zombies are capable of taking over the world, as fictionalized in the popular cable TV series “The Walking Dead,” that triggered a violent argument between Jared Gurman and his girlfriend of more than three years.  The woman disagreed with Gurman who became incensed.

CaptureThe battle escalated to the point that the unidentified woman decided she had had enough and drove Gurman back to his place in Wiliston Park, Long Island, while she drove to her own home.

She tried to disengage from the dispute, but it continued via text-messaging.

The woman became concerned about her boyfriend’s stability and decided to drive back to his apartment to check on him. When she arrived, she found him sitting in front, holding a 22 caliber rifle.

Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote  said the argument evolved around Gurman’s belief that there could be some kind of a military mishap that would result in some sort of a virus release that could cause a terrible thing to happen.

He didn’t want to hear his girlfriend debunk that possibility. She tried to calm him down, but as she was walking up the steps to his apartment, Gurman pointed the rifle at her and fired.

As she lay bleeding, she pleaded with him to take her to the hospital. She was listed in serious but stable condition with a pierced lung, shattered rib, and pierced diaphragm.

At first, Gurman told police that it was an accident, but later recanted and admitted shooting the woman in the back.  He is now charged with attempted murder.