Homeless man confesses to tossing man onto tracks; blames victim

Posted at 4:39 PM, Dec 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-06 11:43:05-05

A man charged with murder after police say he pushed another straphanger into the path of an oncoming Q train, is now blaming the victim.

“He attacked me first,” said Naeem as he was escorted in handcuffs into Central Booking Wednesday after being charged with two counts of second degree murder.  “He grabbed me.”


Subway-push suspect Naeem Davis blamed the victim on his way into Central Booking Wednesday

When asked by PIX11, “Naeem, did you mean to kill him when you pushed him on the tracks?” he responded with one word: “no”.

30-year-old Davis is blaming his alleged murder victim, 58-year-old Ki-Suk Han, for his death — even though none of that was captured on video or reported by witnesses.

He tried evading cops by shaving off the dreadlocks seen in surveillance video and pictures, but police quickly tracked him down in just 24 hours arresting him just steps outside the 49th Street Subway station.  Police say he has confessed to aspects of the crime, and after facing lineups, he’s been officially charged with 2 counts of second degree murder.

The homeless man, born in Africa, is said to have lived in a $30-a-night Queens boarding house.

He has a long arrest history of petty crimes according to sources–everything from marijuana charges to selling t-shirts without a license mostly in midtown.  Those arrests most likely were stored in special police databases that helped cops quickly hone in on him.


56-year-old Ki-Suk Han died after being pushed onto the subway tracks

Beyond the horror of Davis tossing Han onto the tracks and watching while a Q train slammed into him, a photo taken at the scene has created another controversy.

After the New York Post ran the image as a cover photo, many are criticizing the freelance newspaper photographer for pushing the shutter button rather than trying to pull Han from the tracks.

Anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute passed before the train crushed him.  He defended himself this morning on the Today Show, saying, “I was on assignment.  I don’t control what images are used and how they are presented.  I find the positive thing is we started a debate about what could have been done.