Disgruntled residents call for Borough Pres. James Molinaro to resign

Posted at 6:15 PM, Dec 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-05 21:31:39-05

– “This petition is to wake him up, and tell him, we need help,” said Scott McGrath, who has been struggling ever since Sandy forced him to gut his New Dorp Beach home.

More than a month later, Scott, his wife Dee and their dog Brownie have been living in their mold-ridden home, without plumbing, heat or hot water.

McGrath is fed up with the living conditions and after last week’s town hall meeting., he has lost hope that anyone is truly going to help his family – especially Borough President Jim Molinaro -which is why he started an online petition urging him to resign.

“You know what?  He has a house that he sleeps in at night.  The victims of Sandy do not have a house to sleep in.  They aren’t going to be hone for the holidays like he is with his family,” said McGrath.

Sponsored by Molinaro himself, the meeting was supposed to help people.  Instead, storm victims took the chance to express their hurt, taking aim at the Borough President.

“No one is doing what’s right for us!” yelled one woman from the crowd.  A man screamed, “You’re a piece of crap!”

Molinaro fired back at the crowd by saying into the microphone, “You wanna shut your mouth, before your brain is engaged?”

Nearly a week later, McGrath shakes his head as he says, “How can you do that when people lost families, they lost their homes?”

From his office in Borough Hall in St. George, Jim Molinaro said on Wednesday that he does not apologize for what he said or did during, what he calls, a successful town hall meeting.

“It’s not what it seems,” he said.

He believes he’s been doing a great job as an advocate for the people in the aftermath of the storm.

“It’s their right,” said Molinaro referring to the petition, adding, “I have no problem with that.”  When asked if he felt he could anything else to better help the storm victims, like advocate for the FEMA trailers people have asked for, Molinaro said, “They need to get other elected officials to say we want trailers, then they will get their trailers.”

Molinaro still stands by his position on the FEMA trailers which he is against, however he says, the idea is still on the table and in the end, up to Mayor Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Molinaro told PIX 11 that he’s only heard good feedback from people, so he seem surprised that there is a petition is out there, urging him to resign.

Molinaro has been in office for more than a decade and says he plans to retire next year.