Students occupy Cooper Union room in tuition protest

Posted at 4:52 PM, Dec 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-03 17:48:30-05

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Twelve students have barricaded themselves inside a room at the Cooper Union Foundation Building to protest a possible decision that will start charging undergrads tuition.

Protestors argue that charging tuition for undergraduate students goes against the founding principles of the school’s founder Peter Cooper.

Earlier this year, the school started charging graduate students for the first time since it was established in 1859. Many believed then, that charging undergrads would be inevitable.

A student representative told PIX11 News that the barricaded students on the eighth floor room are prepared to stay indefinitely. At one point on Monday, maintenance personnel tried to force their way into the room, but after 20 minutes the effort was called off.

Graduates from the prestigious school have been an integral part of New York from the architect of the current World Trade Center, to the inventors of Jello and the I-beam.

cooper union

Photo from inside Cooper Union occupation. via Twitter @studentactivism