PIX11 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Con Ed employee accused of pimping underage girls on company’s computers

Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-26 11:30:45-05
Days after Mayor Bloomberg labeled Con Edison as the best utility company in America, PIX 11 News has learned that one now former employee was allegedly using company computers to service a different clientele.

Royce Corley is expected to be in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday after the NYPD earlier this year pulled the plug on the former Con-Ed employee’s alleged prostitution enterprise. Con Edison confirmed that Corley is a former employee of the utility.


Royce Corley is accused of using ConEd computers to pimp girls

According to the NYPD’s Vice Enforcement Division as well as the District Attorney’s office, Corley executed the operation by utilizing Con Ed computers to promote the prostitution of underage girls.

The indictment is short and to the point, yet it surrounds an elaborate operation that involved a crash pad on East 21st in Manhattan, an apartment unit on 128th Street in Harlem and the computers of Con Ed.

Corley, who was arrested nearly eleven months ago, is being charged with two counts of promoting prostitution in the third degree.

The alleged pimp was nailed by the NYPD for pushing the services of two 17-year-old girls out of a Gramercy apartment building on January 12th according to the indictment. A detective detailed a more elaborate operation in the criminal complaint, as a confiscated black book lists the names, hours, and money earned of various girls. The names of the two 17-year-olds arrested are in the book as well.

According to the list of property confiscated, the operation is filled with nearly 20 cell phones, numerous computers, a handful of thumb drives, ATM cards, and $1000 in cash.

Corley claims to be a systems engineer on his LinkedIn profile, as well as a director for a company named Qujix.  PIX11 News examined the company and found that according to the Secretary of State website, it was dissolved on January 25th, which is the same day that Corley was arrested while on the job for Con Ed.

Corley, who is a father of one, was detained at an undisclosed location in Queens. Detectives allege that Corley placed the ads involving the two 17-year-old girls on, however, the NYPD tracked the IP address used for the ads posted by the 27-year-old to Con Edison.

Corley’s court appointed attorney Glenn Hardy says that his client is innocent, “These are baseless allegations against an innocent man and we will take the case to trial.”

When asked if there has been any dialogue exchanged about a potential deal similar to Anna Gristina, the Upper East Side Madam, Hardy says, “He is not accepting any deals, no reason he should, he’s innocent.”

The crash pad on East 21st sits only twenty-five steps away from the front doors of PS 104, and the NYPD’s 13th Precinct is just down the block.  By all accounts it is a nice area of Gramercy, however residents at the building remember seeing strange faces coming in and out,  “I remember seeing a lot of people and never seeing them again,” says Jake Gallagher, who adds, “I found that interesting about the building, but I mean, I guess yeah there were a fair amount of girls that I saw within the building.”

Corley’s hearing on Tuesday is focused on a bail application and a calendar call to pick a trial date.

Coincidentally the promotion of prostitution in the third degree is the same charge that Upper East Side madam Anna Gristina plead guilty to in September.

While Corley is facing two counts, including pushing for the rentals of underage girls, his bail of twenty-five thousand dollars is signifigcantly lower than the 2-million dollars set for Gristina.

If convicted, Corley’s attorney says his client faces a potential of seven years in prison.