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Posted at 5:29 PM, Nov 30, 2012
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The most aggressive and consistent advertisers are the most successful. Advertising can generate customers now, and in the future. A campaign that is vigorous and positive can bring consumers into the marketplace, regardless of the economy.

Why Television?
The Television Bureau of Advertising states, “The public’s perception of advertising in media is critical in the process of selling products and services. Television gets nearly half the votes for Most Authoritative and 74% for Most Exciting, driven by TV’s ability to deliver the advertiser’s message utilizing sight, sound, motion, emotion and color.”
TVB Web Site –TV Basics, Image of Advertising in Major Media.

Why the Internet?
Those exposed to both online and TV ads were significantly more likely to recall the TV spot. Our site also offers online video ads in :10 and :15 spots.

Most Internet users have watched online video; 25% watch regularly, at least once a week. Users regularly see online video ads and 44% have taken some action after viewing an online video ad.*
*Online Publishers Association

The power to deliver your message
PIX11 delivers your message via unique advertising opportunities. Our television audience delivers the desirable demos your business needs. The fan base of delivers consumers to your Web site.

Contact PIX11 to arrange a consultation. We’ll discuss a custom advertising package designed to deliver.

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