In the bag! ‘Joe Duffel Bag’s’ gun matches all 3 murders of Brooklyn shopkeepers

Posted at 6:05 PM, Nov 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-22 14:12:16-05

Police are questioning 63-year-old Salvatore Perrone of Staten Island in the death of three Middle Eastern shop owners in Brooklyn.

SOUTH BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Cops are saying it’s in the bag.Police say the sawed-off .22 caliber gun used in the slaying of three Middle Eastern shopkeepers in Brooklyn matches the weapon found on the suspect nicknamed “John Doe Duffel Bag,” from a surveillance camera grab showing him near the scene of Friday’s slaying.

Police are questioning 63-year-old Salvatore Perrone of Staten Island in the death of three Middle Eastern shop owners in Brooklyn.
He walked right through the front doors of the 67th Precinct on Tuesday to speak with authorities. An NYPD detective not involved in the interrogation said the main focus behind the marathon sessions is to wear the subject, hoping that he gets lazy and loses concentration, ultimately implicating himself. They are also trying to secure DNA for and additional link aside from .22 caliber casings.

He was expected to be arrested in a few hours, a police source told PIX11. No motive had been reported.

All three of the victims killed with the same .22 caliber weapon at point-blank range. The victims, one Muslim and two of them Jewish, have no personal connection to each other. All three were killed near closing time as they worked alone in their establishments that had no internal security cameras.

The famed Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI has been brought in to investigate this case as well as members from the Hate Crimes unit of the NYPD.

They also say they have two knives one of which appears to have blood on it. The most recent murder was Friday in the She She Boutique on Flatbush Avenue.

“He was in the vicinity when, lawfully, at the time the murder took place,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Those along Perrone’s quaint street in Staten Island were not caught completely off guard.

“It doesn’t surprise me because he’s a bit of an odd sore,” a mailman said.

Neighbor John O’Rourke said: “If you had a picture of Edgar Allen Poe that was him. Dressed exactly like him, he looked like him, he had the same kind of mustache, same length hair.”

He lived in the basement of his unfinished home, with an NYPD cop living just a few houses away.

Neighbors such as Ron said Perrone was wired differently. “He would talk to you, but he wasn’t talking to you, he was more talking to himself.”

An if he wasn’t having a personal conversation with himself, he would “sing opera to himself, very loudly. In the streets.”

The O’Rourkes said they came home one day to find Perrone staring at his home from their backyard.

“He left. I just said can I help you an he said well I’m staring at my, you know looking at my house and I said can you do it not in my yard.”

But is he the guy?

“I would say no. He was crazy but not a mean crazy, you know what I mean. Off the wall… I always thought if he had a gun he would shoot himself in the foot.”