Cell Phone and wireless service to be installed in 30 new subway stations

Posted at 4:59 PM, Nov 19, 2012
and last updated 2013-10-16 00:16:07-04

Wi-Fi and cell service to be installed in 30 new subway stations in New York



Wireless and cell phone service slated for installation in MTA subway stations this year was delayed by Hurricane Sandy, but will be finished during the first quarter of 2013, officials announced Monday.

“New York is always bustling during the holidays, and Microsoft’s sponsorship of Boingo Wi-Fi on the Transit Wireless subway wireless network will help straphangers stay connected,” said Jerry Page, MTA director of strategic initiatives, in a press release. “We’ve received positive feedback from our subway riders on Boingo’s sponsored Wi-Fi, and look forward to having them continue this free service through the holidays.”

Thirty stations will be equipped by Transit Wireless, in addition to the six stations that currently offer cell and Wi-Fi service.  Those include the Seventh Ave. station, three stations along West 14th St., the C,E platforms at 23rd St. and 8th Ave., and the F,M and L platforms at the Avenue of the Americas.

Wi-Fi is currently accessible at those stations to anyone with a Wi-Fi ready device, and cell service to those with AT&T or T-Mobile customers.  The Wi-Fi service provided via a partnership between Microsoft and Boingo Wireless.

In a statement, Transit Wireless CEO William Bayne said, “A crisis such as Hurricane Sandy reemphasizes how vital telecommunications and mass transit are to our society and reaffirm our efforts to build much needed infrastructure throughout the New York City subway system, including Help Point Intercom units, which connect passengers to emergency and transit assistance.”