Chuck McCann returns to PIX11 for nostalgic visit to 1960s TV home

Posted at 2:09 PM, Sep 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-17 16:45:19-05

Anyone who grew up in the 1960s in the New York area knows the face and voice of Chuck McCann.

McCann, along with officer Joe Bolton, Captain Jack McCarthy, Bozo the clown and Gloria Okon created PIX 11's super successful children's tv programming.

Every afternoon, At 4pm it was Chuck McCann's Let's Have Fun. He brilliantly adlibbed most of the show and the zany assortment of characters he created.

"It still is my home, PIX 11, and it feels like it was just an hour and a half ago," McCann said.

It was actually 52 years ago. And just this weekend, Chuck McCann paid the PIX 11 news team a visit to relive the good old days.

Our own Mr. G was a huge fan and greeted McCann with a big hug. The debonair 78-year-old McCann kissed the hand of our own Jodi Applegate.

joe bolton,jack mccarthy,chuck mccann

Your classic PIX friends: Chuck McCann, Capt. Jack McCarthy, Gloria Okon, Bozo the Clown and Officer Joe Bolton.

McCann, who grew up in Queens, had just been named King of Queens for the day and everyone in our newsroom wanted to meet the legendary tv innovator Including our Queens-born news director Bill Carey.

"You were my after-school" activity, Carey told a beaming McCann.

When you look at the old clips, you see just how inventive McCann was.

Consider how he created his famous Little Orphan Annie lookalike.

"I was down in the cafeteria and I put the containers for the creamer in my eyes," McCann said.

McCann was also known for his fabulous Laurel and Hardy impersonation.

"I talked to Stan Laurel everyday," McCann told me and then he broke into his incredible impersonation of both of them.

McCann, who lives in California, is in town for his special Let's Have fun reunion party at the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel in Secaucus to coincide with the release of his new book, The Let's Have Fun scrapbook, which is tons of fun, almost as much fun as seeing Chuck McCann sing his theme song by the PIX elevator one more time.

Almost 52 years later, McCann still has the charm, the voice and the moves.

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