Kids take on bullying with musical ‘Letters To Daddy’

Posted: 9:37 AM, Sep 03, 2012
Updated: 2013-04-24 11:23:20-04

MIDDLETOWN, NY (PIX11) — “Letters to Daddy” – The Musical Key to Bully-Free – is an original, musical production that offers a proactive, theatrical approach to empowering children and making us all aware that there is more to a person’s character than what we see on the outside.

daddyIt’s a program that opens doors to understanding through inspirational songs, peer-to-peer influence and collaboration to resolve challenging issues and help create a better world for everyone. The cast is made up of ordinary Orange County children who’ve embraced this extraordinary responsibility to bring their own truths (and often their pain) to the surface through their characters on stage, all for the benefit of other children.

PIX11’s Ellyn Marks went to a rehearsal in Middletown to find out more about the play that’s been making the rounds in schools and community theaters.