Man catches 7-year-old after she falls from third-story window

Posted: 1:33 PM, Jul 17, 2012
Updated: 2013-05-08 13:38:18-04

Steve St. Bernard returned home from work thinking his day was over, it had hardly begun.

Arriving at his home on Surf Avenue in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, he noticed a commotion. Onlookers were running towards a building where 7 year old Kayla McCree had wandered onto the window ledge, and was standing 3 stories up, swaying from side to side.

As one parent called 911, another sprinted upstairs to warn the girls’ family. Before either was finished, Kayla lost her balance and plummeted below.

Luckily for her, St Bernard had climbed into the bushes outside the building, positioning himself directly below the window where Kayla stood – amateur video captures the moment when she fell, to screams – into St Bernard’s arms.

Authorities tonight tell PIX11 Kayla will be alright. St Bernard was treated at the hospital for injuring his arm as he caught the girl. Monday, as it turns out, marks his 10 year anniversary at the MTA where he is a bus operator on the B44 line in Brooklyn.